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March 28, 2018 at 11:39 AM

Screen_Shot_2018-03-28_at_12.20.44_PM.pngCleanShieldTM invented by TCS with input from waste industry leaders solves the longsuffering issue of cab shields degrading, making refuse trucks and the operator’s brand look awful. CleanShieldTM is a multi-layered sandwich of unique films which adheres to the surface of your cab shield and provides a permanent, protective barrier between all the damaging corrosive agents in the air and dumpsters and your cab shields. The outer layer of CleanShieldTM is protected with TCS’s proprietary BrandArmorTM with its low energy and chemically inert surface, repels pretty much any type of damaging or corrosive agents. For example, say someone put a can of fluorescent orange paint in their dumpster which upon emptying runs all over your cab shield. Days later you want to clean your truck but the cab shield is covered in drips, splatters and runs of fluorescent orange paint, no worries just use whatever will remove the paint, acetone, MEK basically any solvent and the paint will wipe right off but your CleanShieldTM and brand will remain unaffected, bright and shiny as the day it was installed. See the video at www.CleanShield.com


TCS (The Color Spot), established in 2003, with over 100,000 sqft of production facilities in Atlanta and North Carolina and offices throughout the southeast, featuring the latest technology and innovative, often custom solutions to service customers nationwide. TCS is focused on creating those advertising and identification solutions which not only allow your brand to shine but also perform in the field for many years, like our Clean Family of products protected with TCS’s proprietary BrandArmorTM. TCS offers businesses the design, print, project management skills required to handle any size project from OEM work at truck factories to brand enhancing products for events like the Super Bowl and everything in-between. A small sampling of TCS work includes vehicle wraps, trade show graphics, event branding, 3D printing, architectural signs, pop/store displays, banners, signs, digital graphics and indoor/outdoor displays.

For further Information, contact: Jonathan Baltic – Jonathanb@tcs.ink