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October 31, 2018 at 11:04 AM

Winnipeg, MB – October 29, 2018 Westward Industries, a Winnipeg, Canada based manufacturer of gas and electric vehicles, is pleased to announce the release of its 2018 model extended (EXT) frame platform equipped with optional hydraulic refuse tub, with features that will appeal to the fleet buyer looking to dramatically reduce vehicle operating costs while increasing efficiency and performance.

The GO4 EXT Is reinforced, enhanced, and equipped with a more robust suspension system of our widely popular GO4 model. Our GO4 vehicles are available with a 45mpg gas and 100 mile range EV (exact economy numbers will depend on the application). This first offering of the GO4 EXT will be available in a gas model utilizing our 66 h.p., liquid cooled, 3-cylinder, overhead cam 4-cycle, electronically fuel injected 4-speed automatic propulsion system. (automotive transaxle with electronically controlled shift). The vehicle is street legal (check with your local DMV for licensing requirements) with a 1000lb payload and 1.75 cu yard capacity. This is the most nimble refuse hauler on the market and is the ideal vehicle for refuse collections including: campus setting corporate environments, neighbourhood collection, universities (fitting thru pylons), parks/beach, compact urban settings, memorial gardens/cemeteries, zoos, shopping malls, etc. Our vehicle is the perfect size with remarkable maneuverability, payload, safety and performance. 

Typically off-road vehicles are being utilized to carry out on-road duties. These vehicles are not designed for the day to day requirements that on-road vehicles must be in a position to handle. The GO4 EXT is manufactured with automotive grade components which offer a typical vehicle lifespan of eight or more years with many fleets experiencing longevity far exceeding that. 

The GO4 EXT – Hydraulic Refuse Hauler is in Full Production with orders currently being fulfilled and available for purchase thru our dedicated Distribution Partners http://westwardindustries.com/find-a- dealer/ .